Aida and family

Aida did not choose to leave Mexico and to come to the United States. But at 5 years of age, this is where her mother brought her. Aida attended school in California, married, dropped out of school, had 4 children, and all this time, she was an undocumented alien. After moving to Tifton, she came to Literacy Volunteers to complete her education.

“I wanted to be able to provide a little more for my children,” Aida said. “I wanted to participate more in their education and help them with their homework.” But Aida was going to achieve even more after enrolling in the Adult Education program at R. L. Mack Head Start. “When I came into the program, I tested ready to take my GED test in everything but math,” she said.  “I couldn’t take the (GED) test because I didn’t have documentation.” Aida went to her instructor, who made calls all over the state to get the right information to the right people so that Aida could test. After Aida secured a passport, she tested and passed everything except math.

Since then, Aida has been working on improving her math skills. She continues to attend the LV class at the Head Start center while her youngest child attends pre-k. During this time, President Obama authorized a policy directive implementing the DREAM Act (Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act). Aida met all the criteria to apply for temporary permission to remain in the United States. She researched the act, filled out all the paperwork, assembled the documents she needed, and brought the information to her instructor. He checked the information, organized the papers, and added an additional document that was not online. Aida is confident that she will receive approval.
In the meantime, Aida continues to work on her math skills and plans to take the last section of the GED test next month. “I should pass it,” she says. ”I am ready.” After securing her high school credential, Aida plans to continue her education at either ABAC or Moultrie Tech. She wants to explore career choices before she decides. After all, she has many options now.