Kelvin and family

Kelvin was asked to leave public school when he was in the 9th grade. He spent a couple of years hanging around, trying to figure out what kind of options he had, what he could possibly do in the situation he found himself in. Eventually he found some people who understood the value of an education and could see that Kelvin had the potential to do something really positive with his life. He started out with the Literacy Volunteers, working on GED classes with the tutors there. He also spent significant amounts of time working online with the LearningExpress online program available through the Tifton-Tift County Public Library. This program allows students to determine their educational level quickly and work at their own pace for as long as they have to devote to the program. Kelvin had always been interested in the military and began preparing for the ASVAB with the help of LearningExpress and various tutors and mentors.

After working with the tutors with the Literacy Volunteers for some time he transferred to Moultrie Tech to complete his GED preparation. He passed the GED test and then enrolled in a welding program at Moultrie Tech which he completed in eighteen months – Kelvin graduated with his Associate's Degree in Welding at the same time the students in his 9th grade class graduated from high school. He also took and passed the ASVAB exam and joined the National Guard. Kelvin hopes to go on active duty in the near future. He is currently working part time at Pizza Quick and looking for a full time job. He is also considering the possibility of returning to Moultrie Tech for more training.

Kelvin married Sarah in April 2011. They have a son, Dao James.  Sarah is studying Early Childhood Education at Moultrie Tech.