Take a moment to read some of our success stories.  These are from students as well as tutor point of views.

It’s important that you know my husband has been at his job now for 26 years.  He was blessed young to receive a good job, without an education.  However please understand, that does not usually happen and surely wouldn’t happen now, in this day and age.

Around February of last year, my husband Paul expressed interest in learning to read and write better and possibly working towards getting his GED.  So we were told there were places that would help him with doing that, but he couldn’t take the classes because of his work schedule.  No one could point us in another direction to get help, but I knew there had to be places out there somewhere that could help.  So I searched and searched online.  I finally came across Literacy Volunteers in the Valdosta area, called them, left a message, and got a call back the next week or so.  They put me in touch with the Tifton area.  I spoke to Bonnie, and then Paul and I met with her.  He immediately got put with a tutor, and started working towards his goal in April of last year.

            Before Paul started the program, he would call me 6 to 8 times a day from work, sometimes, asking me to help him spell this or that.  He would struggle and give up with things, and he wasn’t comfortable with anything that required reading around anyone.  Since he has started the program he has gone to only calling me about 1 time a week or even less!

            My husband is getting more comfortable doing things around people and at 50 years old, he’s proud of himself, and you can tell!  He is full of confidence and smiling more than ever.

            Recently, I decided it was time to give back to the program that has given and is still giving him so much.  So I started tutoring last month.  After all, there’s no better way to say Thank You, than to give back.

            So I encourage you to please give, whether it be financially, volunteering a few hours of your time, or reaching out to those that might need the program.  Your gift is always needed and appreciated.

Aida and family

Aida did not choose to leave Mexico and to come to the United States. But at 5 years of age, this is where her mother brought her. Aida attended school in California, married, dropped out of school, had 4 children, and all this time, she was an undocumented alien. After moving to Tifton, she came to Literacy Volunteers to complete her education.

“I wanted to be able to provide a little more for my children,” Aida said. “I wanted to participate more in their education and help them with their homework.” But Aida was going to achieve even more after enrolling in the Adult Education program at R. L. Mack Head Start. “When I came into the program, I tested ready to take my GED test in everything but math,” she said.  “I couldn’t take the (GED) test because I didn’t have documentation.” Aida went to her instructor, who made calls all over the state to get the right information to the right people so that Aida could test. After Aida secured a passport, she tested and passed everything except math.

Since then, Aida has been working on improving her math skills. She continues to attend the LV class at the Head Start center while her youngest child attends pre-k. During this time, President Obama authorized a policy directive implementing the DREAM Act (Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act). Aida met all the criteria to apply for temporary permission to remain in the United States. She researched the act, filled out all the paperwork, assembled the documents she needed, and brought the information to her instructor. He checked the information, organized the papers, and added an additional document that was not online. Aida is confident that she will receive approval.
In the meantime, Aida continues to work on her math skills and plans to take the last section of the GED test next month. “I should pass it,” she says. ”I am ready.” After securing her high school credential, Aida plans to continue her education at either ABAC or Moultrie Tech. She wants to explore career choices before she decides. After all, she has many options now.

Kelvin and family

Kelvin was asked to leave public school when he was in the 9th grade. He spent a couple of years hanging around, trying to figure out what kind of options he had, what he could possibly do in the situation he found himself in. Eventually he found some people who understood the value of an education and could see that Kelvin had the potential to do something really positive with his life. He started out with the Literacy Volunteers, working on GED classes with the tutors there. He also spent significant amounts of time working online with the LearningExpress online program available through the Tifton-Tift County Public Library. This program allows students to determine their educational level quickly and work at their own pace for as long as they have to devote to the program. Kelvin had always been interested in the military and began preparing for the ASVAB with the help of LearningExpress and various tutors and mentors.

After working with the tutors with the Literacy Volunteers for some time he transferred to Moultrie Tech to complete his GED preparation. He passed the GED test and then enrolled in a welding program at Moultrie Tech which he completed in eighteen months – Kelvin graduated with his Associate's Degree in Welding at the same time the students in his 9th grade class graduated from high school. He also took and passed the ASVAB exam and joined the National Guard. Kelvin hopes to go on active duty in the near future. He is currently working part time at Pizza Quick and looking for a full time job. He is also considering the possibility of returning to Moultrie Tech for more training.

Kelvin married Sarah in April 2011. They have a son, Dao James.  Sarah is studying Early Childhood Education at Moultrie Tech.